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Project Description

About this Event:

Smart Film Awards is an opportunity for the youth of Republic of Albania and Republic of Kosovo, regardless of their ethnicity or gender to showcase their talent in filmmaking by creating and publishing a short film (by using only smart phones) about entrepreneurship and young entrepreneurs from both countries.

If you are young, innovative and willing to make a positive change in your community you definitely fit into our scope of people that we are looking for. Smart Film Awards is a unique festival promoting solely the youth artistic aspect and their attitudes toward positive changes in society. Innovation Center Kosovo and CID Tirana are bringing the first addition of #SFA18.

This project is part of “Regional Innovation Alb-Kos” program, supported by the Norwegian Embassy.

Application Criteria:

  • Citizen of Albania or Kosovo
  • Aged 16-35
  • Unpublished films
  • Minimum 3 people involved in one team
  • Languages: Albanian, Serbian or English.
  • Video length: 5 min.
  • Video format: MP4
  • Equipment: Only Smart phone
  • English subtitles mandatory


CID and Innovation Center of Kosovo will travel in different cities in Albania and Kosovo, to meet creative youngsters who consider film and production as their future profession. Road show will take place during the period March – April 2018.

The detailed agenda to be announced soon.


Applicants will be offered “How to movie” workshops in pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production includes professional training in: crew up, storyboard, location finding, and casting. Production phase includes: shootings, recording, camera angles, and photography. Post-production includes: video editing, color editing, sound design, visual effects.

Film Screening:

Film screening and the awards ceremony will take place in Tirane, Albania during May 2018.

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